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3mt, addamsfamily, aladdin, anastasia, artus, avenueq, barbarella, beautybeast, bernsteinhase, bodyguard, bom, bonifatius, booh, camillopeppone, carrie, cats, chicago, dbdad, derring, dgvmc, dirtydancing, dornroeschen, dracula, drschiwago, elisabeth, evita, fischerfrau, fjg, flashdance, footlose, freudiana, ghost, glöckner, grease, hair, hairspray, haitigala, heißeecke, herzausgold, hhorizont, horrorladen, iafa, iwnnin, jcs, jeannedarc, jekyllhyde, joseph, kinkyboots, kolping, lesmis, loveneverdies, ludwig2, mammamia, mantoinette, marypoppins, matterhorn, medicus, messiahrocks, misc, misssaigon, molekül, moses, mozart, nblond, new, nexttonormal, päpstin, paramour, poto, prettywoman, rössl, rebecca, robinhood, rockofages, rocky, romeojulia, rudolf, schikaneder, sherlock, showboat, sisteract, som, spamalot, spinnenfrau, springawakening, stex, sunset, sweeneytodd, tarzan, tdv, theband, titanic, tutanchamun, vivaldi, wahnsinn, westside, wewillrockyou, wicked, zorro,